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The eco-friendly future of dog beds


Looking to spoil your furry friend while making a positive impact on the environment?

Say goodbye to toxic bed filling and say hello to DogDoov. Our innovative dog beds allow you to repurpose your old linen and clothes as bedding, giving your dog a cosy haven infused with your familiar scent while upcycling your old textiles to minimise waste.

Just choose the appropriate size and stuff it with old clothes and linen to do your part for your dog and our planet.





There's a DogDoov for every sized pup!

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Small Dog Beds

Perfectly-sized for anxious pups and smaller breeds like Pomeranians, chihuahuas and shih tzus.


medium dog on dog bed


Medium Dog Beds

Calming-comfort for medium-sized worriers like shelties, schnauzers and springer spaniels.


Large dog on dog bed


Large DOg beds

Stress-free sleep for larger breeds like great Danes, Airedales and malamutes.





Look after your dog and the planet

Our bed covers are made from 100% organic cotton canvas, which is not only soft and gentle on your dog's skin but has been grown without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Instead of using toxic synthetic filling, DogDoov allows you to repurpose your old linen and clothes into bedding that is not only cosy, but smells like you. The result? A comfortable space infused with your comforting scent, which gives new life to old clothes and minimises your environmental footprint.


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Using DOgDoov

How do you use our anti-anxiety dog bed?

  • Order your DogDoov – Simply pick the best size for your pup. We've designed each option of our anti-anxiety dog beds to be slightly outsized, ensuring that even larger dogs have space to relax.
  • Upcycle your linen – Our anti-anxiety dog beds come in two parts, with an organic cotton cover and an internal net. Just take out the netting and fill it with your old textiles – We recommend having old clothes on the top layer for extra scent comfort.
  • Enjoy their snoozes! – Between the comfy cotton cover and your familiar smell, restful sleep is all but guaranteed. We recommend you cycle out the filling on a semi-regular basis to keep the bed smelling of you and your dog relaxed.



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Why DOgDoov

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Upcycled Comfort

No need to throw away your old clothes and bedding! DogDoov allows you to give them a new lease of life as filling for the dog bed, saving them from going to a landfill.

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Anxiety Prevention

The calming power of an owner's scent is a well-known tool for reducing anxiety in dogs. DogDoov allows you to help your pup destress and relax, especially during times of separation or new experiences.


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Washing Machine Safe

DogDoovs are designed for easy refreshing and cleaning – All you need to do is take off the cover and toss it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, before letting it air dry. 

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Ready to fill with love

Each DogDoov comes with a convenient inner net designed to hold your upcycled filling. No extra fluff, toxic bedding or unnecessary materials needed here!





Eco-friendly comfort and restful sleep, all in one package.

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